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Eigen has created an innovative platform to develop a co-therapy approach for the treatment of children with hematological malignancies

Eigen’s approach is to expand the therapeutic window through a unique drug combination that includes a priming therapy to improve the safety and efficacy of existing antigen- directed therapies that can be used to treat a broader cohort of patients. Patients would first be treated with a priming agent to transiently and uniformly upregulate target antigens specifically on cancer cells and not on normal cells – creating an ideal target expression profile that will enable antigen-directed therapy to more effectively eliminate tumor cells while minimizing toxicity.

Granata Bio is a biopharma company focused on women’s health and infertility. While incidence of infertility in the US mirrors that of other developed countries, the cost of US fertility treatment is often borne by the patient, and this presents a significant barrier to treatment.

Founded in 2018, Granata Bio’s model is to identify and in-license strategic medications used in IVF outside of the US for clinical development and commercialization in North America. By doing so, we hope to expand therapeutic options for patients, decrease cost, and increase access to care for every patient seeking fertility treatment on their path to parenthood.


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